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Don’t fall victim to termite damage. Fogle Termite and Pest Control offers preventive termite control to ensure these pesky critters don’t enter your home. If you currently have a termite infestation, call us now for our curative treatment options.

Termite Damages

It is estimated that one out of 30 homes is infested by termites, resulting in more than $5 billion worth of damage each year. Unfortunately, home insurance doesn't cover the damage and it is a requirement to have a termite inspection completed when buying or selling a home. At Fogle Termite and Pest Control, we offer the solution for effective termite treatment.

Treatments & Solutions

To put the problem into perspective, there are up to 20 terminate colonies per acre and up to a million termites per colony. Termites eat all year round so just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that your home is free of these damaging insects.
Termites - Termite Control

We offer the solution with our preventive treatment and curative treatments. Our preventive treatment is the finest on the market while allowing you to be one-step ahead of the problem.  We use the trusted product, Termidor® to effectively eliminate your home of termites.

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